About Us

Little Fish Preschool is a family run setting, we pride ourselves on being approachable, friendly, and welcoming to all families in our area.


We have set session times but being parents and grand-parents ourselves, we are all too aware of how costly and difficult it can be to find childcare that fits with your work and life schedules. That's why we are willing (and because we are a smaller setting) and able to offer a a degree of flexibility that other settings can't so if you need to access 10-2 instead of 9-1 then we can adapt our staffing to fit that, so we still only bill you for 4 hours.


We offer a range of activities inside and out of the setting and these include plenty of messy ones!

We make thinking of others, our friends, family, neighbours and locality a big focus, collecting for the food bank every harvest; doing daily challenges with the kindness elves every advent in the run up to Christmas, and other activities throughout the year.

Our 25th Anniversary Year Sept 19 - Aug 20.

From September 2019 we start our celebration of the 25th Year since Little Fish Preschool began. 

A Brief History

It started as a church playgroup before becoming a preschool around 2000 when Beverley Law set it up as a business.
In November 2013 when Bev wanted to retire it was purchased by the limited company set up by Karen Brown and Penny Ford. In May 2017 Penny moved on to another setting and so Karen bought her out and continues to run the Pre-school to this day.

We will be setting up a celebration  day early in 2020, to coincide with the move to our new building. We will update you once we have a date.

Baby Ballet

We have a Baby Ballet Class every Friday Morning with Miss Chloe. We are able to offer this class at a reduced rate of just £5 per week as we have a hall they can use (without paying hire costs) and we invoice you and they only have to invoice us not each family individually, saving them admin cost.

If you are interested in your child joining the Friday class please let us know when you enrol or at any point your child attends.

This year was the first year we participated in a hatching project with Yellow Rose Farms and it was a huge hit with the children and Karen! The hens currently live in her garden, but will move to our new building when its ready. Although Alvin is having to be re-homed as he is a cockerell and making too much noise to live in town! 

Alvin, Marshmallow and Puffin

Summer Family Outing

We organise an annual family trip to Paulton's Park (or as the kids call it Peppa Pig Land!) every summer as we can get subsidised tickets. 


Christmas Event

Every Christmas we host an event for all the children, which includes a party lunch and a visit from Santa with a personalised gift for all the children.

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