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​2-5 Year Old's - Preschool Sessions

This page title does make me giggle as if you have children or have ever worked with them, you know there is no such thing as a normal or typical day!


Anyway the purpose of this page is to give you a quick overview of what our timetable  works like; so you can get the broad idea of what we do. For more daily detail and photos of what we do you can go to the Socials Feed or visit our Instagram or Facebook pages.

8:30 - 9:00  is our Early Start Option, designed with working families in mind who need to get their children into setting before starting work. The children get this extra half an hour to play before the other children arrive, you can also opt your child into eating breakfast with us during this session. Please let us know on enrolment if you are interested in this option.

09:00 13:00 is the published time for our main morning session, it includes lots of time to free-flow play (children choose where in the setting they want to play) with staff supporting them at their chosen activities. They can move between indoors and out and all the activities on offer. Key-people will take observations and photos for the learning journals as well as supporting progression in key areas of development. At times individual children or small groups will participate in adult directed activities to help with the learning of key knowledge or skills such as speech and listening or early phonics etc.
Part-way through the morning we stop for a song time, followed by a snack provided by the preschool. At the end of the session we have a story time to settle down ready for lunch, which is provided by you and stored in our fridge until its time to eat at 12:30. At story time the children use counters to vote for the book (from a choice of 2) they want to listen to. They also get the reward monkeys handed out, with a child chosen to hold each of the reward monkeys based on their behaviour during the session, for example for sharing, helping, listening, being friendly or safe. 

13:00 - 15:30  1pm sees a transition time, with some children leaving and others arriving for the afternoon session. The afternoon session follows the same free-flow format as the morning, with staff supporting children's development through their chosen play activity.

15:30 - 18:00  This late afternoon session begins with a snack at around 3.45 when the early afternoon children have gone home with their families; again the snack is provided by us and a menu can be found in the foyer. We make sure alternatives are provided to children who are are specialist diets for medical, spiritual or family reasons. The late session again has a free-flow component to it, but as we get closer to 6pm we start to reduce the high energy activities in a bid to start calming the children down so that once you get them home they can eat their evening meal and get ready for bed without too much hassle.

These are obviously our set timetabled session times but we can be flexible with arrival and leaving times for example I have a family who does 9-12 every day another does 9-5 and another 10-3 so please speak to us if the standard times don't work for you, we will be as flexible as we can. The only thing I can't do is change times/days on a day-to-day basis, i.e you can't decide on the day what you want to do, it needs to be a regular in advance pattern to enable me to set the staff rota to ensure I have enough staff to cover the strict child to adult ration. 

After-School and Holiday Care 


Although we are not in the same grounds or even right next to a primary school, we do offer an after school service for cildren up to the age of 8.  Our car is fully and additionally insured to enable us to transport children in. We can arrange school pick ups from Heatherlands, St Joseph's, Courthill and Livingstone Road (Sylvan). The children are collected by two members of the team in the car and brought to the preschool, where they begin their session with a snack. We can assist them with homework if they want to start that but the session is mostly framed around them playing and having fun; decompressing from their day at school where they have had to be still and focused for most of the day. We aim to get rid of some of their pent-up energy before you collect them from us!

We can have children up to the age of 8 in any of our sessions when the schools are closed for example half-terms and the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays (although we are closed on all Bank Holidays and for the week between Christmas and New Year (1 week).

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