We are now open for 50 weeks of the year (only closed for bank holidays and the week between Christmas and the New Year). Our opening times are Monday to Friday:

Early Session is 8:30am - 9am  (½ hour)

Chargable at £2 per session. Breakfast provided for additional £1

Morning Session is 9am – 1:00pm (4 hours)

A mid-session snack is provided. Please provide a packed lunch for your child as all children who attend this session have lunch with us.

Afternoon Session is 1pm - 3:30pm (2½ hours)

Late Session is 3.30pm - 6pm (2 ½ hours)

Starts with snack which is provided by us followed by free flow play ending with half hour quiet time before pick up, ready for then to have thier evening meal with you and go to bed.


We are happy to enrol a child for one session to start off with, although you may find your child benefits from two equally spaced sessions across the week. For a toddler seven days is a very long time, to remember faces and routines. That said, we have found young children to be very resilient and soon settle in.

Please indicate which sessions you wish your child to attend on your enrolment form or to the Manager as soon as possible. If a session you want is full, we will offer you an alternative until a place becomes available.

There is no deposit or registration fee. We will reserve your place and contact you in the term before you are due to start. Please inform us of any changes to your requirements as soon as possible.

Once your child is attending, if you need to add a day or make a change please let us know as early as possible (4 weeks notice is required for any permanent changes, additions or reductions).

If you need to book extra one off sessions we will try our best to accommodate this, please give us as much notice as possible.

Funding Options:

For every 3 and 4 year old child 15 hours funded childcare

This starts in the term after their 3rd birthday. So for example if the birthday is on Oct 23rd entitlement starts from January.

This is for 15 hours per week over 38 weeks in term time or as a stretched offer over the whole year. So you could have 15hrs over 38 weeks or 11.5 hrs over 50 weeks. You will be given a contract to sign on enrolment which informs the Local Authority that you are taking those hours in our setting. 

Please note that you cannot change funding from or to another setting unless there is, what the LA judges a valid reason and a transfer form is completed with the setting you are leaving.

There is always a maximum number of hours that can be claimed in each term and this may mean that occasionally (dependent on the days you attend) that there will be a few extra hours not covered by the entitlement at the end term.

Any additional hours over the 15 per week, will be invoiced at £4.50 per hour. This is also the fee payable for any ‘one-off’ additional hours booked.

For some 3&4 year olds there is an additional 15 hours funding

To apply both parents need to be working (or the sole parent in a single parent family), and be earning the equivilent of 16 hours at NLW or NMW. You must earn less than £100,000 each.

To find out if you are eligible go to you also apply via this site. If you are successful you will need to bring us the code generated along with your National Insurance number for us to verify it with our Local Authority. website is also the place to check your eligibilty for Tax Free childcare a government subsidised voucher system.


For some eligible 2 year olds

If you are in receipt of certain benefits, you will be able to access 15 free hours of childcare per week for 38 weeks (or as a stretched offer) starting the term after their second birthday. To apply, either chat to the manager, contact your local children’s centre or use the family outreach service – their contact number is 01202 261970

The adult to child ratio for two year olds is higher so for every four children we need one member of staff. Therefore the rate for children who are not eligible for the funding or if you book hours over the entitlement is charged at a slightly higher rate to cover these staff costs it is currently £5 per hour.

Other avenues for covering childcare costs
If you receive working tax credits you may be entitled to money towards childcare. Phone them on 0845 300 3900 and they will be able to identify if you are entitled to help towards childcare costs – sometimes up to 75% of the total invoice. They will need to confirm the preschool is registered and may ask for our Ofsted registration number which is EY471355.Payment of Fees


We aim to make the payment aspect of the sessions as simple as possible, you will be asked to sign 2 copies of a payment policy as part of the enrolment process. These outline the requirements of both the pre-school and the family. It also sets out our arrears procedure, the main points are listed below.

  • You are invoiced at the very beginning of each term.
  • The invoice also has a copy of the arrears procedure on it.
  • You can make your payments in advance at a rate that suits you.
  • You select a payment method, we would prefer BACS or PingIt but cash, cheque, or salary vouchers are also available..
  • All hours booked for must be paid for regardless of the reason for absence, but please inform us of holiday dates and any reason for absence including sickness; either in advance or on the morning via phone or text on 07951 154770
  • You will be issued a receipt for payment.
  • It is vital that you speak to us as soon as possible if you are having problems paying your invoice as the sooner you speak to us the more solutions we can offer.
  • If you are late with a payment our arrears procedure will begin, with a £5 admin charged for the first week after the payment is due. You will at this point have 7 days to make payment. If no payment is received at this point another £10 admin charge will be added plus 10% of the outstanding invoice with a 5 day period in which to make payment. If after this still no payment has been made we will pass the debt to an outside agency and an additional fee of 30% will be invoiced at this point.


Before your child can attend the setting we are required to collect certain information from you.

It may seem like a lot but these details enable us to provide the best care to your child, and enables a smoother settling in period as the answers to the questions helps your child’s key-person and the other practitioners to get to know your child quickly.

It means that we can prepare activities and toys you indicate they like on their first session to help them feel welcomed and settled.

In addition to the enrolment form we are now required to see your child’s birth certificate and red health record book.