Although all the practitioners in the setting will be playing alongside and supporting your child’s learning and development whilst in the pre-school there will be one member of the team whose role it is to spend that little bit of extra time with your child, who will gather photographs and observations of them whilst they are with us to complete your child’s Learning Journal, and to be yours child’s main point of call if they need support.

This person will also be your main point of information if you want to know how your child is getting on, or if there is information you think they need to know to help your child through a difficult time at home or if you are moving or even things like potty training.

Please keep us informed if circumstances change at home, if something is troubling your child, or they are tired, let us know, so that we may look after them appropriately during the session.

We take the information you provide on the enrolment form and combine that with observations of your child when they visited us to select the ‘best fit’ of practitioner to be the key-person, they will introduce themselves to you.

We believe that the better we know you and your child, the better your experience at Little Fish. A key person’s main role is to support your child within the setting, ensuring that they are happy and settled. 

Learning Journal

It is a ‘scrap book’ of photos and observations which grows with the time your child spends with us. The key-person, will be especially responsible for the observation, recording and advancement of your child’s development whilst they are in the setting. They take all the observations and link them back to our curriculum.

Please feel free to talk to your key person and view the Learning Journal at any time, if you need a longer time to chat, then please ask them and they will organise cover for themselves so they can give you the time you need without interruptions.

We can only observe your child in the setting, so we would love you to also provide information from home to add to this profile.

Early Years Foundation Stage

It should always be kept in mind that every child is unique and develops at their own pace and with their own priorities. The curriculum is only a guide, broad strokes to help us scaffold your child’s development and learning.

The learning and development section of the curriculum is just a small part of a broader framework which places each and every child at the centre and supports them with their personal, social and emotional development alongside other factors.

Changes we are making in response to the new EYFS:

  • We now plan on a day to day basis, the large whiteboard  in the playroom, logs what we put out each day, what the children did and possible next step for the group this way we are far more reactive to the children’s interests and this is working well. Any patterns and themes of play you observe in your child’s play outside of pre-school would also be very helpful in this process, please mention it to your child’s key-person.
  • We have also changed the way we document your child’s progress and development against the curriculum, we will be identifying the next steps as we go. We are also including speech bubbles for you to write your comments and those of your children in as you look through the learning journals at home.
  • We will be introducing focuses on areas of development in small group settings, including drama, storytelling, music, sports, yoga, dance, science and investigations, cooking and crafts.
  • In order to support children learning about and beginning to take acceptable and limited risk, we have introduced a number of activities, the most fun, so far has been a large soft play area. We have done this outdoors and in, we place out all the large crash mats we have and add, tunnels, soft shapes and staff, to encourage the children to explore and try things out, and even to have some ‘rough and tumble play’; the children are being taught that it’s OK to say stop if they don’t want to participate and to listen to those who say stop, and find another friend to play with.
  • We will also be taking regular trips to the library, shops etc. We will be running a promotion where children who are not already members of a library, will be given a card, their first books to borrow, and the information for you about accessing the library for you to continue to access free books for years to come.

We will be continuing with the projects we started in previous years:

ECaT (Every Child a Talker) and Talkative Toddlers

DEEP (Developing Environments of Enquiries in Poole) which focuses on taking children to environments like the park and supporting them to explore their surroundings and find new ways of interacting with it, with adult support of course.