A Day at Little Fish Pre-school

Well here I am ready to spend a day at Little Fish! We go in through the big glass door and see Aunty, she says “Hello” and marks me off on the register. We unpack my lunch into one of the little baskets and put my lunch card in with my food, Aunty will put it the fridge later.

There’s a lot of noise coming from the playroom, an Aunty is sat next to the door, she says “Hello, how are you?” I say “Ok thanks!”. I can’t wait to get my coat off and hang it on the peg but first I look for my name fish on the board. There’s so many things to do, I almost forget to put my name fish onto the pond board. I put it next to the Joy picture ‘cos that’s how I’m feeling today.

I look around, on the Construction Rug Uncle David is helping the children to build a bridge with foam bricks and wooden planks.One of the other children has gone to get the box of cars out of the small world cupboard ready for when they finish.

On the Small World Rug is the Littlest Pet Shop toys, houses and castles, the children want to make a playground so they get out the slide and roundabout from the Peppa Pig box.

In the Science & Exploration Cupboard, there’s a display of insects and some books about nature. There's a huge plastic brick with a massive spider in it and I show it to Mum and she makes a funny face, I don't think she likes it but I think it's brilliant. I look through the magnifying glass and it's got hairs on it's legs!!! Behind me on the table are more insect things that you can wind up, they're really funny and some jigsaws.

The Craft Table is busy, they’re colouring and sticking and I see one of my friends getting the paints out, so I get us an apron each and some paper to paint on.

About 9:30, an Aunty claps her hands and we stop and listen, “Ok everyone, stop playing thank you and put the toys down. Walk to the quiet room for register time, thank you” she says. We walk to the quiet room, an Aunty opens the gate and we go in, Aunty starts to sing:

"Lets hold hands and make a circle, Lets hold hands and make a circle, Lets hold hands and make a circle on a Wednesday morning"

We all hold hands and join in before sitting down. Aunty says and signs “Good morning everyone”, we all call out  “Good morning everyone” and have a go at signing. Did you know it's harder to do a thumbs up than you think?

Next, Aunty calls the register, "Is Aunty Karen here to day?  “Yes” says Aunty Karen and then she says “Thank-you”,"Is Aunty Penny here today?" Aunty Penny pretends to be shy and we all say "yes there she is", some of the children are shy and don't want to answer and Aunty Penny was trying to make them feel better.

Then Aunty tells us all about the different toys and things we can do today. The A-frame is outside today and Aunty asks us if we remember the safety rules. I put my hand up “One person at a time”, “Yes that’s right”, someone else says “Don’t run over the mat”, “Well done” says Aunty. “It’s cold outside today, the door will be shut, what do we do if we want to go out or come in?” asks Aunty.  We say “We knock and wait for Aunty”, “That’s right only an Aunty or Uncle is allowed to open the door”.

Next we all stand up and do Wake Up! Shake Up! We sing our 'Days of the Week' song and dance and shake and stomp - whatever we fancy!

We’re finished now and go out to play, I’m going outside so I go to find my coat and have a go at putting it on, an Aunty helps me zip up. When we’re all ready we go out, some children decide to stay in. I take my turn to climb the A-frame, at the top I get scared, Aunty says “Would you like to hold my hand?” I nod, she takes my hand, suddenly someone runs over the mat, “Stop” I say. Aunty says “That was safe, I’m going to give you a Safe Sally sticker”, when it’s clear I jump and land on the mat. Aunty also gives me a Healthy Herbie exercising sticker ‘cos I’ve been running around.

After a little while, Aunty sings the 'Countdown song':

"10 more minutes til we're going to tidy up, 10 more minutes til we're going to tidy up and then we sing some songs and then we'll have our snack, there are 10 more minutes til we're going to tidy up"

The Aunties sing the song again at 5 minutes and 1 minute. Then we go inside, we need to help tidy the tables and then we go into the quiet room. We all hold hands and sing our circle song again.

We let go and sit down, Aunty shows us today’s songs some are on cards and others are toys, we put our hands up so we can choose. Aunty chooses me and I choose ‘I had a little turtle’ which is one of my favourites! I choose a number from the bag to count to before we start our song, it's a 5. After a few more songs, we get up and walk up to the toilets. Aunty starts singing the 'Walking song'. 

"We're following the leader, the leader, the leader, We're following the leader where ever they may go. We walk, we walk, we're staying safe today, We walk, we walk it is the only way. We're following the leader, the leader, the leader, We're following the leader where ever they may go."

When we’re in the toilet we have to wait our turn to “try for wee”, then we wash our hands with soap and water. Aunty asks us to do it all by ourselves, I've already pushed my sleeves up, I push down on the soap and I can turn the tap. When I've washed my hands,  I reach for the paper towel to dry my hands and I put it in the bin when I’m done. I walk back down to the playroom feeling very pleased with myself.

Today’s snack is apple slices, a breadstick and some cheese, I get my bowl and look at the picture, I can have one breadstick and as many apple slices as i want, but I'd rather not have cheese spread and ask for a cheese squre instead. I take my bowl over to the table I choose milk to drink, my friend has water, with Aunty's help I pour my own drink. When I'm finished I take my cup and bowl over to the washing up bowl.After the children have all finished and the tables are cleared we can go outside again, but I decide to stay in for a bit and play.

A new little boy is upset, his Mum had come in with him before a couple of time but this time she hasn't stayed. He crys and Aunty gives him a cuddle, she shows him the picture timetable which shows what we've been doing and he can pull the pictures off when he finishes, it helps him to understand when his Mum will come. I know it's not much longer so I give him a hug too. I get a Caring Carla sticker for being kind. 

Before I know it, Aunty is singing “Ten more minutes til we're going to tidy up”, we get two more warnings. Aunty hands out our tidy-up bags, I've got a frog one today and it's bright green, I look around the room for toys and put them in my bag. Aunty sings the 'Tidy Up song':

"It's time to tidy up, it's time to tidy up. We've had our fun but now it's done. It's time to tidy up.

Find a toy and pick it up, pick it up, pick it up. Find a toy and pick it up and put it in the boxes."

I get a Helpful Harry sticker for putting lots of toys away and so do my friends, doing it together - teamwork is what Aunty calls it - means it doesn't take long!

In the quiet room, we sing our circle song again and sit down for Story time, but first the Monkeys are given out. A little boy gets Caring Carla for helping someone who fell over, a little girl gets Sharing Samir because she shared the pet carrier, my friend gets Helpful Harry, another boy gets Safe Sally and I get Super Monkey because I did a bit of everything, everyone gets a clap and we all get big Monkey stickers and get to hold the Monkey’s while Aunty reads the story.

Every day there are two stories to choose from, today it is 'Three Billy Goats Gruff' and "Shark in the Park", we get our voting person each and go and put it on the book we'd like to hear. It's hard to choose as I like both stories and they're both good, we've heard them both a a few times befoe now so we're starting to know what to call out. I put my voting person on "Shark in the Park" but when we count up the votes it's "Billy Goats Gruff" that wins with 7 votes to 5 - it was close. Once "upon a time" we all call out, up pops the ugly head of the mean old troll "Who's that trip, trapping over my bridge" we join in! When the story is finished I give Super Monkey back to Aunty and we walk up to the toilets again.

At lunchtime, I find my lunch basket with my picture in it, while I eat my sandwiches the basket gets put up on the side. I eat them all up and I get a sandwich sticker, Aunty says “Well done you ate all your sandwiches, even the crusts”. She puts my basket down in front of me and I choose my yoghurt next. I get a Healthy Herbie healthy choice sticker, I shall have my grapes and crisps after that. As my friends finish their lunch, they put their empty boxes away and put their dirty baskets and spoons in the washing up bowl. Once most of us have finished we can get down from the table to play on the rugs again, the cupboards are open and I ask for the garages down so we can play with the cars. My friend is already building another bridge for us to go over.

Now it's time for some of the children to go home. I really love the afternoons as it's quieter and its different. We can play inside or outside like in the morning I go over to the craft table, I want to do another painting, Aunty says I can paint anything I want, so I paint a goat, I’m not sure I had all the right colours or if it looks as good as the book but I tried really hard and I’m pleased with it anyway. I put it on the drying rack to dry, I'll have to take it home another day. I’m getting tired so I go and sit in the book corner, it’s nice and snugly and I find a book to look at, my friend comes over too! 

Because the afternoon session is shorter we play until 2:45pm, tidy up and then have a story, Then it's time for a snack, today it's cereals and then song time before going home. It seems to go so quickly and before I know it, Mummy's here ”Wow, look at all your monkey stickers. Did you have a good day?” I nod, I’m feeling tired. “Let’s get your pictures from the ‘Going home box’ and your sandwich bag, “Bye” I say as we leave, “Thanks for a lovely day” says Aunty, “See you soon!”